At Lifeline BaSIS we welcome referrals from a range of professional organisations.

You can phone us with a referral, send us an email or come down to our main hub.

If you would prefer to fill in a referral form, then please do so, but we do not need formal paperwork to accept a referral.

Lets work together

Please contact us on 020 3696 2640 or email us at: forfurther information or to book a date.


We hold strong partnerships with a number of Greenwich’s leading organisations and institutes and this list is continuing to grow.


We can offer you a consultation regarding how our service may be able to assist individuals who access

or work within your organisation - potentially increasing performance levels for both parties.


We are also happy to present at team meetings or attend organised day events.

Contact Us

020 3696 2640

Royal Arsenal Medical Centre,

21 Arsenal Way,



SE18 6TE

Opening Times


BaSIS’s main open access hub

is open flexible times


 Monday-Friday between


9am - 4.30pm


plus evenings by appointment


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