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Who we are here for

At Lifeline BaSIS we recognise that many people across all ages and social boundaries use alcohol and drugs.


As long as you either live, work or study in Greenwich and are over 18 years old, we are happy to support you. If you are drinking alcohol or using drugs, we can help you to make the changes that you would like to make, and support you in working towards your goals.


You may be concerned about how much your alcohol or drug use has been creeping up, or you might feel that you are no longer in control of it and that is affecting your decision making, or perhaps you have had a recent scare due to your drug and/or alcohol use.

Our Approach

We don’t judge anyone and we won’t criticise you for anything you’ve done.


We won’t try to tell you how much alcohol/drugs you should be using or reducing by.


Instead we work with you to figure out what changes you want to make.  You might be aiming to stop your use altogether, you might be looking to cut down and control.


We offer a range of support options for you to chose from and we will work with you to decide what support you want to receive.  You might prefer advice, motivation, activities or relaxation or maybe a bit of each.  Whether you want our support for 10 minutes or 12 weeks – it’s up to you!


We won’t tell anyone that you are using our service unless we are worried about your safety or that of someone else.  If we do this then we will always tell you why we have done it and who we have spoken to.

If you have been referred to us through another service, then we might have to update them, but we will talk to you about this too.

Where we work

The BaSIS service is run by a friendly and approachable team who have a relaxed and flexible approach to help you review and change your alcohol and/or drug use.


The team is based in our Wellbeing Hub that you are welcome to come and visit. We run group sessions and activities from here as well as individual sessions.  The Hub is run out of the Royal Arsenal Medical Centre in the Woolwich Arsenal.


We also have a range of satellite services, where we provide our support at other locations within the borough at set times every week.  A full list of satellite locations and times is on the Contact Us page – click here


If you can’t make either the Hub or a satellite service, please do contact us anyway and we can provide support over the phone.


Give us a call 020 3696 2640 or fill in the web form HERE – the service is free and confidential and we want to help.

About Lifeline Project

BaSIS is delivered by Lifeline Project. Established in Manchester in 1971, Lifeline Project is a national charity supporting individuals, families and communities affected by drugs and alcohol. We have grown and progressed through these past few decades, and continue to contribute to fundamental debate, policy and development surrounding the impact of alcohol and drug use.


Lifeline Project works to prevent and reduce harm, to promote recovery, and to challenge the inequalities linked to alcohol and drug misuse.  We provide alcohol and drug services that we are proud of; services that value people and achieve change.  Lifeline Project currently delivers over 80 contracts across England, and employs 1015 members of staff and over 350 volunteers - helping to support over 25,000 people affected by drugs and alcohol.


Contact Us

020 3696 2640


Royal Arsenal Medical Centre,

21 Arsenal Way,



SE18 6TE

Opening Times


BaSIS’s main open access hub

is open flexible times


 Monday-Friday between


9am - 4.30pm


plus evenings by appointment


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